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Value your vehicle in 3 easy steps.

Are you buying or selling a vehicle and want to know what it’s really worth? At Compare Its Value we can help give you an accurate estimate of the value of your car for FREE. All you have to do is enter a few details about your vehicle along with a couple of other bits of information and then we can e-mail you its value.

Once you have your car valuation you can use it as an idea of how much you should be looking to
receive for your car when selling or you can use it to help secure a price from the garage or dealer you are buying from.

Although all our used car valuations are as accurate as possible there are a variety of factors that will have an impact on its price including the current mileage, the condition and any modifications or extras that you have customised your vehicle with – we take as much of this into consideration when we work out the value of your car.

We Can Value Your Car for Free

We are a completely impartial service so you can rest assured that when you use us to get a valuation you are using an independent third party company to give you an accurate price. You can get the value of your car for free and it’s only a few clicks away!

Why might I need a valuation?

You might need to know the valuation of your car for any number of reasons, the most popular include:

  • You’re buying or selling the car;
  • For insurance purposes;
  • For a finance agreement;
  • The car has been damaged or written off.

Whatever the reason you need the valuation of your car for just type in your registration number into the box above answer a few short questions!